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Angry Mima

Look, I was in Danbooru, right? I’m there to look for good SFW art of my favorite character to turn as my pfps. Of course there will be some NSFW here and there, it’s Danbooru after all. I could’ve used Safebooru, but some NSFW still slips by for some reason, so I’d rather get the uncensored results. Yeah there are Mima tits, however weird that is, and Mima turning Mizuchi into a cow, but those aren’t what are bothering me right now. Ok maybe the latter is a bit too disturbing; I’ve toned the description down to not get myself 1984’d. But point is, that’s not the issue. The issue is, there’s this stupid art of Shinki, having a foot fetish for whatever reason, sucking on Mima’s feet like it turns them both on. Yes, Mima, the Evil Spirit, has feet somehow! Like what has the artist done to themselves to draw this cursed piece? Have they inhaled too much PC-98 copium? Is this what being the sanaest Touhou fan feels like? Anyway, look, I’m fine with Mima having feet in art, if it’s for comedy or if the story needs Mima to disguise away her spiritness to prank some poor human or whatever. But this, this is neither of those! Shinki and Mima looks to be having an intimate moment together, why would Mima need to hide her true self? It’s like Reimu and Marisa having flying yuri together but instead of Reimu flying with her own feet, she brings Genjii. Mima having boobs? Fine, I can see how and why. Mima having feet? Now that’s where I draw the line man. Just because Yuyuko has feet doesn’t mean Mima should have them too!

Is the artist being racist against spirits? What do they have against tails? Do they realize they’re missing on something better? Imagine, what does Mima’s tail tastes like? I bet they taste like cotton candy. Or maybe ice cream. Vanilla flavor, with bits of spearmint giving my tongue a nice spicy-cold feeling. I want to lick her tail. Suck on it. I wanna flip her upside-down and hold her body like an ice cream cone. This is what we should strive for, Mimabros. This is the endgame. Our ultimate purpose.

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