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Mima in bakebake form pestering an annoyed Shinki
Pictured: Mima in bakebake form coming to pester explain to the annoyed Shinki (creator of Makai) why she should live in the goddess’ realm.

So I just came across this Touhou-themed server called chaotic.ninja yesterday. It got really cool free services, like pubnix, email, XMPP, and most importantly, the Makai-named Misskey. I immediately knew I had to move into this site when I learned about it. It has always been one of my Touhou headcanon that Mima has been training for a long time in Makai which is why we have never seen her since Mystic Square (pls bring back Mima ZUN). So here I am!

The how was a bit funny: I was scrolling the feed of my personal Mastodon and came across this thread by @stux@mstdn.social about gun control. Now I couldn’t care less about whatever the hell the U.S. is doing; they can kill themselves with their weapons for all they want. Though I hope before they like nuke themselves, they withdraw their forces permanently from my country and actually allow us some real self-determination and decisions in the economy, politics, and our military for once. Pretty please? Americans cry about people from other countries caring so much about their politics. Yeah, but there’s a really easy way to end that: stop being the world police FFS! Now people won’t have to care about your shenanigans. /rant

One of the replies into the thread caught my attention. First because it was funny, and second because of the profile picture. A Shinki pfp. You don’t get to see a 2hu pfp everyday in the fediverse. Ok maybe you do, but I haven’t followed a lot of 2hu artists yet (I really should get into that now that I’ve deleted my Twitter weeks ago lol). So naturally I’ve decided to look at their profile. “makai.chaotic.ninja”. Huh. This Touhou-themed instance has been here the whole time and I didn’t know about it. Then I checked the fedi instance. An invite-only Misskey. Guess I will check the root domain then! And there I found gold when I was looking for copper. A Touhou-themed pubnix? Sign me the hell up! :D

So yeah, this is where I am right now (and yeah this is like the second time I said this phrase, I suck at writing sorry). If you’re still browsing on my old tilde.green website, expect it to be some sort of redirect in the future, I guess.

Now, to annoy make fair use of Shinki’s world…

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