Mima tail copypasta

Smiling Mima in a bikini with a glass of wine, showing off her tail
Don’t you just love her tail? (Source: 累々るい, pixiv post)

Someone should draw a Mima with a really huge bazonker tail. I just can’t fucking help it. It’s always Reimu armpit that, Sanae feet there, but not Mima tail here. Like wtf man. Are you so deprived of sodium like Nitori that you have to resort to such barbaric measures. You need carbs to stay running and that’s where ghost tails come in. Can you just imagine what Mima’s tail would feel like? It would be smooth, fine cotton candy. It makes my mouth water, remembering the good old days of my childhood when I buy those sweet delicacies off the streets. It’s nostalgia. Mima has already achieved her goal in Mystic Square. She may not be the god of the human world but she is now the goddess of nostalgia. She makes me fond of old memories I couldn’t even possibly have because I was born after them. The evil in the “evil spirit” is not really malicious, but a sign of resistance to too many good things in the world right now. Abandon entirely the command line and develop yourself a dependence on the GUI; it would be “good” they say. Don’t bother with 8-bit sprites and just learn 3D modelling; it would be “better” looking they say. Just because it’s good doesn’t mean it’s correct. Just because it’s better doesn’t mean it’s right. Mima is the pinnacle of conservatism. The one who is skeptical of “progress”. The vengeful one left behind by society because they no longer needed her. This is the vengeance she’s talking about in Story of Eastern Wonderland. I will avenge her. And I will lick and chomp her tail.

Originally written for Touhou r/place discord on 27 August 2023, receiving 0 reactions and 3 replies as of writing. Syndicated to Raddle f/touhou too the same day.

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