Yume no Kureyon Oukoku — episode-by-episode writings

Episode 1

To be quite honest, it’s not really a great pilot episode to begin the series. It feels kinda rushed.

But it did at least introduces us the to the main character herself, Princess Silver, and the internal problem she has to solve, which is her “twelve bad habits”. And to set off her journey of resolving this problem, a mysterious boy with powers resembling that of the Grim Reaper (which we now know as the main antagonist of this show) turns her parents into stone, and the only way for her parents to turn back is to get rid of her bad habits and chase the boy (who is assumed to be the Grim Reaper). A bit weird way to say “mature the hell up”, but I guess it works.

If the opening song and Silver-ojou weren’t really cute, I might’ve dropped this anime. Silver is just such a spoiled 12-year-old brat with how she treats her servants. Yeah she’s royalty, but still… I can relate to her being tired of the constant pleasantries and parties though.

We also get to see her two animal companions Stonston the pig and Araessa the chicken in this pilot, working at first as gatekeepers. Prime Minister Chameleon is also introduced who will become a constant character Silver will be called and will call to in the future.

Episode 2

Here we get into a bit more detail about the “twelve bad habits” Princess Silver has, with one of them being bragging. It’s quite weird for her bad habits to be so notorious to become rumors spread throughout the kingdom; are they really that bad lol?

We still get to see how spoiled Silver is when she sees Stonston and Araessa as mere servants instead of equals by making them hold her briefcase. Yeah she’s still not likeable.

More lore about the Grim Reaper is shown. We learn that he got defeated and sealed by Queen Buretsu, who we know Silver admires so much in the previous episode (but couldn’t really emulate thanks to her 12 bad habits). The seal however broke just like days ago and the Reaper is now back with a vengeance.

The twelve (damn this anime loves that number) vegetables also get introduced. Each can be summoned by Silver-ojou once a day from perfume bottles in her circular perfume case in the briefcase. All twelve (and Chameleon points out via phone that it’s a bad idea to summon all of them at once) got summoned after Silver thought Stonston and Araessa were being “unhelpful” and got lost in the forest. She leaves behind the two, and it turns out, the vegetables are even worse at navigating out of the forest. And after putting back the vegetables in the perfume case (with a pretty cute chant of saying vegetables are good for your body, remember, this is an anime aimed at children), she realizes she’s very lonely and needed the two animals after all. Thankfully the two have been following her from the start and guided themselves out with a compass and map. I wonder why Chameleon just didn’t give Silver those tools and taught her how to use it…

This episode has made the anime somewhat better to deal with as it provided the foundations of the bond between Silver and the two animals.

Episode 3

Stonston is really a hungry person. I guess literally being a pig does that to you…

And what the fuck, Silver is carrying a literal room from her own key. Well that’s verrrry convenient. Now this has been hinted at in the parts just before the commercial break, but this absurdity still caught me off guard. And I love it lol. Unfortunately Araessa and Stonston has to still sleep in the very sad state of a hotel room.

We also get some insights on the identity of the boy; one of the vegetables, Negikku thinks that it doesn’t make sense for the Grim Reaper to disguise himself as a boy knight riding a white horse. This theory of the mysterious boy not being the Grim Reaper got confirmed later in the episode during the first encounter between Silver and the Reaper in the altar of the skunks, when the latter had no idea what Silver was talking of her parents being turned to stone.

Araessa is also a pretty good photographer apparently.

Episode 4

That warden is a bitch-ass motherfucker

Also Princess Silver is such a cheapskate (or as I would call her in my native tongue, kuripot). She’s been like this from the previous episode but the first one makes sense (no way she’s gonna pay for those 20 plates Stonston ordered) and the second was funny (she gets to sleep in a comfy room no matter how decrepit the hotel is). But damn she can’t keep getting away with this. Right..?

Episode 5

Screencap of cute Princess Silver crying because of her cream bun having its cream stolen by Ninjippi and Gomaato


Also this episode has to be a subtle jab on communists. Look at it. October Village. The prominence of red colors. The constant blaming of every wrong on a single thing or person. All of these can’t be a coincidence!

Episode 6

Princess Silver’s personality is getting better over time. Her genuine concern for Araessa’s foster mother is really nice.

And now I know why the “red berry” can make you run so long… Turns out it’s really hot damn spicy lol. I also like getting rewarded for staying tuned to this slice-of-life, as you can only know the context of this tidbit if you watched the previous episode.

Episode 7

Araessa didn’t question Silver about the upcoming storm? I honestly thought he’s wiser than this. It should be common wisdom that deploying your boat over a stormy horizon is very bad idea.

The Grim Reaper is a goofy guy tho XD

Episode 8

My silly Touhou brain really wants to see this as the Hakurei Shrine. Fuck you Raymoo…

Also what’s with shrines in Japanese pop culture being obsessed with money lol. It’d be like if someone in the West made a cartoon about church pastors speaking about how much the want your money. Ok maybe somebody has made that but I haven’t seen one yet, heh.

Episode 9

Paranoia can really kill you!

This episode also shows that the bond between Princess Silver and her two animal companions isn’t as strong as you’d think. But this test cemented the trust between Silver and Stonston & Araessa. And the vegetables too

We also get more insights on the mysterious boy, and Silver seems to start realizing that he’s not the Grim Reaper.

Episode 10

Chameleon, did you really not have your foreign ministry issue a passport for Silver-ojou? The hell man, not cool.

And oh god, imagine getting pestered by a suitor who is a literal hamburger of all things… I thought they were not fully serious in the first episode, but damn they’re serious as heck. Does Filet’s father really think that there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that Silver will agree to marrying… literal food? This is some batshittery thinking lmao. Just give up on your dreams of controlling the Crayon Kingdom, you’re not getting it lol.

I’m also about to write about questioning why Prime Minister Chameleon is very concerned about war with the Hamburger Kingdom, since it doesn’t seem like the latter’s army is fit for conflict. But I realize getting into a war while your monarch is trapped in stone is probably not a good idea. So even if it seems unfair to have Silver give a kiss on Prince Filet’s cheek, I guess it had to be done. Hey, at least we got to see how clever Silver-ojou is in defeating the Grim Reaper!

Speaking of Reaper, looks like it’s cemented in Silver’s mind that the boy, whose name is revealed to be Cloud, is not the bringer of death. And Silver is really mad at him for talking constantly about her 12 bad habits lol.

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