Motorola moto e13


Noblex SF20BA

The lid broke and the network chip’s wires got cut short, Kind of suffices to say it would continue to work again should the motherboard be placed on another shell. (2021-2023)

Ken Brown KBCM3

Intel Theft Deterrent locked up the machine due to hardware clock skew, motherboard was broken by accident (2018-2023)

Pi-Top 3 (Raspberry Pi 3B)

Returned to the school in exchange for Madoka, it was pretty much useless anyways (2021-2023)

Positivo BGH Schoolmate 11

Had trouble with capacitors on the board (which were fixed), and the power socket got toasted afterwards (2018-2023)

Positivo BGH J410

Still works but only with an external display and alternate current (2017-2023)

EXO X355

Motherboard is beyond salvation, and peripheral board is damaged (2017-2023)